We get it. We've all got questions, particularly our little ones. Why did they build the Great Wall of China? (To keep the rabbits out). Where do babies come from? (We'll tell you when you're a bit older).

If you can't see your questions answered below, give us a shout here.


Is everything really made by you? C'mon, be honest!

Yes, everything really is designed and made by us in Brisbane, Australia. The birch is purchased in Brisbane and then cut by us. We also package up every single product and send it out. It's made by our hands for your little ones.


How do I put Cubby Days products together?

Our unique tension locking systems means that there are no screws, glue or tools needed in the assembly. The first time you assemble the product the joints will likely be stiff. This is by design to ensure the overall strength of the product. Some connections will require you to slightly bend the plywood into place. This is safe and will ensure the integrity of product for years to come.

Our products exceed the overload weight requirements of the Australian Standards, so you can rest assured knowing that Dad won't break your child's chair when sitting on it!


The ply surface on our product is visually different from the website.

The beauty of using Atlantic Birch to make our products is that no product looks the same – every product’s surface is slightly different which includes your product. This in no way changes the way the product assembles or functions.

We make sure on inspection that the surface looks beautiful and unique before we even start working on it.


Can I take the product apart and then reassemble at a later date?

Absolutely! It's great for when you need to pack it away or are moving!


Oh dear, we've had a little accident and one of the parts has been damaged/stained etc. What can we do?

Accidents and children, name a more iconic duo! We are very happy to send you a new piece for your product for a small fee +shipping, just get in touch with us here and tell us what the problem is. We try to be as sustainable as possible, and we wouldn't want you to throw away your product.


Are there any Cubby Days resellers?

Not at the moment, we only ship direct to customers.


Do you have a retail store?

We don't, we like to keep things simple.


I'm local to Brisbane, can I pick up direct?

Yes! Send us a message here before you purchase.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship to most places in the world. Hooray!


What's your Returns Policy?

We'll do our absolute best to make sure you're 100% happy with our Cubby Days products.

If for any reason you're having trouble putting together one of our products, we'll be happy to get on the phone to you (even a video call!) and help out, just get in touch here. If you have damaged or missing parts, we will replace them free of charge at lightning speed!

If you would still like to return your product, Cubby Days return policy is as follows:

- Cubby Days accepts returns up to 60 days after the original purchase date.
- Let us know before you return the product to us by contacting us here.
- You are responsible for the return shipping fee. Initial shipping fees are also non-refundable.
- Refund will be issued after receipt and inspection of the returned order.
- You'll need to package the product you're returning so that it arrives undamaged.
- We will assess the product for any wear and tear to ensure that it is in excellent condition.


Do you comply with the Australian manufacturing standards?

Yes! We relentlessly test all our products to make sure they can put up with the rigours of children's play.


Can I use Cubby Days products outside?

We do not recommend or guarantee our products for outdoor use. We understand you might take them out into the garden for the afternoon, and that'll be fine. Just remember to bring them back inside!


How should I clean my Cubby Days products?

A damp cloth and some scrubbing (you're used to this by now living with children) should get most things off. Because we have opted for completely natural oils for the benefit of your children and the environment, there may be some substances that won't completely come off.

There's two ways to deal with this:

1. The furniture is being used and loved by your child. Any marks are just the result of your child engaging in creative play.
2. Get some fine grit sandpaper (180 grit) and gently rub until it's gone. You can go for a lower grit if the mark isn't coming off. We will have maintenance kits available with a top up of natural oil so you can reapply yourself. This is a very easy task.

If you've got any other questions, let us know here.


What is the oil you apply to your products made of?

The sealer we use comes from Germany and has been certified foodsafe. It is also biodegradable and/or recyclable. It is neither hazardous to human health nor a risk to the environment.

How good is that!

Ingredients: Linseed oil, linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, linseed oil - wood oil - stand oil, highly transparent iron oxides, titanium dioxide, natural resin glycerol ester, linseed oil - stand oil, orange oil, isoaliphates, silicic acid, micronized wax, pine oil, rosemary oil, dehydrated amino sugar and drying agents free of lead (Ca, Co, Mn, Zr).