Are there any good warranties anymore? Why are we always being asked to upgrade our warranties at department stores? Why aren't we looked after when we buy a product?

We've had enough of that.

We don't love the thought of buying things that don't last as long as you expect. It's not great for you or our planet. We design and make our products to withstand the challenges that children dish out every day.

All of our products come with a three year warranty. With normal use, our products should endure 3 years really well.

Below are the details of our 3 year Limited Manufacturer Warranty:  

We warranty the craftsmanship and materials of our products for 3 years from the initial date of purchase, covering the original purchaser only. Our Cubby Days 3 year warranty covers damage due to normal use but does not cover damage due to neglect or mis-use. If damage occurs due to normal use or defects in any of the parts, we will replace part or all of the product at our discretion. Our products are designed for indoor use. Our warranty is voided if products are left outside.