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Bumper Craft Pack

Bumper Craft Pack

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Let’s get creative with Make Like Mimi's Bumper Craft Pack! This curated pack contains the ultimate selection of child-friendly craft goodies, bursting with endless possibilities
to keep little hands busy and encourage children to bring their own unique ideas
to life.

The Bumper Craft Pack comes with an activity booklet containing suggestions for
things that can be made with the contents, along with talking points to help extend
the activities further. However please don’t let these suggestions limit your little
one’s imagination, the beauty of this Make Like Mimi pack is that the possibilities
are endless!

The Make Like Mimi Bumper Craft Pack includes 10 exciting suggested activities to
help children create, explore, learn and play:

- Layla the Lion
- Paddle Pop Monsters
- Freddie the Frog
- Flower in Bloom
- Eli the Elephant
- King or Queen for a Day
- Paper Chain Caterpillar
- Rosie the Rainbow Fish
- Poppy the Peg Butterfly
- Paper Straw Necklace

This pack includes:
Watercolour paint palette and brush
Coloured paper
Googley eyes
Pom poms
Pipe cleaners
Paper plates
Coloured paddle pop sticks
Crepe paper streamers
Paper straws
Coloured pegs
Paper crown
Paper shapes
Sticky tape

Warning: choking hazard. Our packs are designed for children aged three and older.
Younger children will of course adore the activities included however will require
more guidance. It is essential that children of ANY age carry out these activities in a
safe environment with strict adult supervision as this pack contains small parts.
Please note: minor variations to specific colours or sizes of items will occur in each
pack, however the quality and quantity will always remain the same. Our packs do
not include scissors.

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